Litostroj PTS is a specialised provider of complex-shaped customized castings weighing up to 50.000 kg/pc made of steel, gray, nodular and white cast iron.

  • The company carries on the tradition and know-how of the foundry related business that has been under development in Litostroj for over 70 years.

  • Litostroj PTS aims to be one of the global market leaders for large hydropower turbine parts, thermal power and flow-tech.

Specialized procurement, supervision and finishing of complex shaped individual or low-series castings made of steel and special alloys, focused on supplying components for hydro, gas and steam turbines, pumps, valves, shipbuilding and more to the global market.


Water turbines, Thermal turbines, Pumps and valves, General Machinebuilding

Main production processes:

  • Patterns  and Castings Procurement

  • Heat treatment

  • Cleaning of castings

  • Machining

  • Quality Control

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LPTS d.o.o.

TEL: + 386 1 51 31 200

E: foundry@litostroj.com

Address: Litostrojska cesta 42,    P.O. BOX 2996, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

DDV: SI93577249

Registration Number: 8261431000

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