From Sketch to Reality

Litostroj PTS possesses the expertise, equipment and employees to deliver end product, high wear, impact and heat resistant steel and other alloy castings and supervise the processes required to fabricate them from start to finish.

Procurement of Patterns and Castings


Litostroj PTS holds close ties with several suppliers of Patterns as well as several Foundries, from which we select and handpick providers for each individual order, depending on the specifications and requirements. Litostroj PTS works closely with all the proven sub-providers, supporting them through offering casting technologies and expertise on technical issues, as well as monitoring and tracing the processes and their stages in order to achieve the maximum output, this is done with the help of specialized laboratory equipment, technical know-kow and on-site pre-delivery inspections.        

Heat Treatment

Based on specific needs the following types of heat treatment can be performed:

  • Post welding heat treatment (PWHT)

  • Soft annealing

  • Normalizing

  • Quenching and Tempering

Quenching can be performed in water, oil, by liquid spraying or air venting, depending on the cooling speed needed to achieve the desirable material properties.

Max. dimensions: 7m x 7m x 4m

Max. temperature: 1050°


Casting Cleaning


After being removed from the sand mould, the casting's risers and gating systems are cut off with the help of flame cutting.

The surface is then grinded with robotised Andromat grinders and gauged where it is deemed necessary.


To achieve the surface quality needed for non-destructive examinations the surfaces are additionally manually grinded and then blasted with the use of steel shots, steel grits or quartz sand. Welding and PWHT is performed after the examinations if necessary.


Litostroj PTS employs it's own capacities and also works closely with a selection of high quality machining sub-providers,  and can thus offer a wide range of reliable and controlled machining services.


Quality Testing


Litostroj PTS monitors and confirms it's quality with modern laboratory equipment and qualified expert workers with decades of experience, some of these involve:

- Checking Chemical Compositions

- Checking Mechanical Properties

- Magnetic Particle Examinations

- Ultrasonic Examinations

- Dye Penetrant Examinations

- Radiographic Examinations

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