From Sketch to Reality

Litostroj PTS possesses the expertise, equipment and employees to deliver end product, high wear, impact and heat resistant steel and other alloy castings and supervise the processes required to fabricate them from start to finish.

Patterns and Castings



Casting is a very laborious process. And how important it is to observe the correct dimensions of the cast part. To obtain a casting that will correspond in size at the final point, it is important to take into account not only the casting process itself, but also the numerous processes that the casting must go through in accordance with where and for what it will be used in the future. Sometimes these processes are measured in dozens, starting with rough cleaning, quenching, heat treatment, machining processing and ending with laser grinding, where the measurement goes to micro millimeters.

And in order to get the correct dimensions at the final point, it is very important to have well-calculated, modeled and produced patterns.

Knowing all the details and peculiarities of working with castings, our company guarantees the receipt of patterns of the highest quality.



Our over 70 years of experience in the production of strategically important metal construction (up to 50 tons), small and medium size (from 5 kg to 5 tons) parts for such demanding companies as hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants, military institutions, oil companies, including those working at sea, large vessels, has allowed us to accumulate valuable experience in the production of first-class quality casting. We know what high quality is, how important it is for our client and how to produce it.

From the chemical composition of the material, the casting method, the melting point, quenching and heat treatment, machining, and even the temperature conditions under which these processes must be carried out, to quality control and testing, our company guarantees high quality and satisfaction of our customers' needs.

Many years of experience accumulated by our company, highly qualified and certified personnel, high-tech equipped workshops and laboratories guarantee that your company will receive the highest quality of casting that will delight and satisfy you and your customers for many years.


All production processes take place not only in accordance with all norms, which is very important, but also taking into account our experience and knowledge.


Litostroy is a quality that is always higher than you expected!

Heat Treatment

Based on specific needs the following types of heat treatment can be performed:

  • Post welding heat treatment (PWHT)

  • Soft annealing

  • Normalizing

  • Quenching and Tempering

Quenching can be performed in water, oil, by liquid spraying or air venting, depending on the cooling speed needed to achieve the desirable material properties.

Max. dimensions: 7m x 7m x 4m

Max. temperature: 1050°


Casting Cleaning


After being removed from the sand mould, the casting's risers and gating systems are cut off with the help of flame cutting.

The surface is then grinded with robotised Andromat grinders and gauged where it is deemed necessary.


To achieve the surface quality needed for non-destructive examinations the surfaces are additionally manually grinded and then blasted with the use of steel shots, steel grits or quartz sand. Welding and PWHT is performed after the examinations if necessary.


Litostroj PTS employs it's own capacities and also works closely with a selection of high quality machining sub-providers,  and can thus offer a wide range of reliable and controlled machining services.


Quality Testing


Litostroj PTS monitors and confirms it's quality with modern laboratory equipment and qualified expert workers with decades of experience, some of these involve:

- Checking Chemical Compositions

- Checking Mechanical Properties

- Magnetic Particle Examinations

- Ultrasonic Examinations

- Dye Penetrant Examinations

- Radiographic Examinations

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