Litostroj PTS provides high quality Steel and Iron Castings, finished to the degree required by the Customer.

Litostroj PTS is a specialised provider of individual or low-series complex shaped, medium to heavy weight castings made of steel and special alloys, focusing on supplying components for hydro, gas and steam turbines, as well as pumps, valves, shipbuilding and more, which span from weights of 5kg up to 50.000kg.

Litostroj PTS achieves first rate qualities using know-how casting technologies and computer integrated manufacturing such as the solidification simulation software MAGMASOFT, CAD CAM programming for 3D modelling, FARO ARM, MORA NC portal measuing systems and more.

Water Turbines

Litostroj PTS hold the knowledge and means to manufacture components for water turbines. These are produced from high quality castings made from austenitic and martensitic steel with improved elongation, high impact strength, low content of Carbon (under 0,03 %) and exceptional corrosion and cavitation resistance.

In this product segment Litostroj PTS provides components for:

  • Regulation equipment (wicket gates, levers)

  • Kaplan runners (blades, hubs)

  • Francis runners (bands, crowns, blades, Monoblock runners)

Litostroj PTS provides valve casings, together with outer and inner casings of steam and gas turbines, which are produced from low and high alloyed, heat and creep resistant 9 – 12 % Cr steel.

Thermal Turbines

Pumps and Valves

This product segment consists of housings and impellers of pumps which are used for dredging and are manufactured from wear resistant white cast iron, and also of casings and impellers made of high alloyed duplex, super duplex and Ni-resist materials with special physical and chemical properties, which are used in irrigation and cooling applications and for applications in chemical and Oil & Gas industry.

Litostroj PTS performs processes required to finish and check the quality of cast components used in the cement industry, mills and shipbuilding applications (propeller blades, brackets, shafts and bearings). These castings can be made of carbon steel as well as low and high alloyed steel.

Machine Building

Recognizing the increasing global focus on renewable energy, Litostroj PTS can also offer to it's esteemed customers castings made of ductile iron for wind turbine hubs and shafts.



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